Bonus Puzzle & Answers for Wheel of Fortune Thursday, April 11 2024

In the April 11, 2024, episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” three contestants took the stage. Randy Rose, Kaeley George, and the night’s winner, Cornita McQuitery, competed in a series of puzzles spanning various categories.

Cornita, hailing from Montgomery, AL, demonstrated impressive skill and speed throughout the game, ultimately securing the win.

The Bonus Round

The bonus puzzle, categorized under “Phrase,” was “THAT IS WACKY.” Unfortunately, Cornita did not manage to solve it, leaving the grand prize of the night unclaimed.

Game Overview

The episode kicked off with a $1,000 toss-up under the category “What Are You Doing?” where Randy Rose quickly guessed “WRITING A LARGE CHECK.” The momentum continued with Cornita solving the $2,000 toss-up puzzle “MILAN, ITALY” under the category “On the Map.”

One of the standout moments was during the Prize Puzzle round, where Cornita effectively solved “UNWINDING AT THE END OF THE DAY,” winning not just the round but also a luxurious trip. The triple toss-up puzzles, all under the category “Food & Drink,” were quickly resolved, with each contestant managing to solve one.

Cornita’s victory was marked not only by her puzzle-solving prowess but also by her significant winnings, which included both cash and a trip.

Puzzle Solutions Table

Here is a summary of the night’s puzzles and their solutions:

Round Category Puzzle Solution
$1,000 Toss Up What Are You Doing? WRITING A LARGE CHECK
$2,000 Toss Up On the Map MILAN, ITALY
Round 1 What Are You Wearing? HEART-SHAPED PENDANT
Round 2 Before & After BIOLOGY TEST-DRIVE
Round 3 (Prize Puzzle) What Are You Doing? UNWINDING AT THE END OF THE DAY
Triple Toss Up 1 Food & Drink ICEBERG LETTUCE
Triple Toss Up 2 Food & Drink ROMAINE LETTUCE
Triple Toss Up 3 Food & Drink PARSLEY
Bonus Round Phrase THAT IS WACKY


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