Bonus Puzzle & Answers for Wheel of Fortune Thursday, May 16 2024

On May 16, 2024, “Wheel of Fortune” featured three contestants: Kerry Ruiz from Baton Rouge, Amanda Morris from Wilmington, NC, and Dee Merritt from Portsmouth, VA. Kerry, who co-owns a wellness studio, emerged as the winner of the night. Amanda, a billiards player with a boyfriend, and Dee, a Navy sexual assault response coordinator married to William, also competed strongly throughout the episode.

The episode included a variety of puzzles, from showbiz-related toss-ups to phrases and things that kept the contestants on their toes. Kerry managed to lead with strategic plays and timely solves, which included winning a significant prize in the Riviera Maya during the prize puzzle round. Meanwhile, Dee and Amanda provided stiff competition, with Dee solving two of the triple toss ups effectively.

The Bonus Round

The bonus round featured the phrase “YOU BE THE JUDGE.” Despite a strong performance throughout the night, Kerry was unable to solve the bonus puzzle. This meant he missed out on adding a Ford Edge to his winnings.

Puzzles and Gameplay Highlights

The game started with typical toss-ups and moved into more challenging rounds with Kerry, Amanda, and Dee vying for control of the wheel. Amanda made a significant play in Round 1 by solving “CREAM, CHEDDAR & COTTAGE CHEESE” which earned her a considerable sum and the lead in early stages. The competition remained tight, with the contestants navigating through rounds that included picturesque descriptions like “STUNNING NATURAL BEAUTY” and action-oriented phrases like “KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK.”

As the game progressed towards the final rounds, the intensity increased. Kerry secured a win by solving “SLEEPING UNDER THE STARS” in the speed-up round, which added $9,000 to his total earnings, solidifying his position as the night’s winner with a combination of cash and a vacation package.

Puzzle Solutions Table

Here is a summary of the night’s puzzles and their solutions:

Puzzle Type Solution
$1,000 Toss Up (Showbiz) LEADING ROLE
$2,000 Toss Up (Place) BUSINESS DISTRICT
Round 3 (Prize Phrase) KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK
Triple Toss Up 1 (Person) TRUCK DRIVER
Triple Toss Up 2 (Person) STUDENT DRIVER
Triple Toss Up 3 (Person) BACKSEAT DRIVER
Round 4 (What Are You Doing?) SLEEPING UNDER THE STARS
Bonus Round (Phrase) YOU BE THE JUDGE

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