Bonus Puzzle & Answers for Wheel of Fortune Tuesday, June 4 2024

In the latest airing of Wheel of Fortune on June 4, 2024, three contestants—David Sorensen, Nece Henderson, and C.J. Rumer—competed in a series of word puzzles for cash prizes and a chance to solve the bonus puzzle. David Sorensen emerged as the winner of the episode, adding a significant sum to his name along with a cruise, making it a memorable night for him.

The Bonus Round

Under the category of “Place,” the challenge for David was to solve the puzzle “BANK BRANCH.” Despite his successful run throughout the episode, the bonus round proved to be a hurdle too high. The puzzle remained unsolved, which meant that the bonus cash prize went unclaimed. This part of the game often draws significant attention as it can turn a good night into a great one with additional winnings, but it wasn’t to be for David, despite his overall victory.

Key Highlights

The episode kicked off with Nece Henderson solving the $1,000 Toss Up, “MY CLOSEST FRIENDS,” and continued her early lead by solving the $2,000 Toss Up, “TREASURE HUNT.” However, it was David Sorensen’s consistent gameplay that ultimately led him to victory. Despite a stumble in Round 1 where he initially hit Bankrupt, Sorensen managed to claim “PRISTINE MOUNTAIN LAKE” which laid the groundwork for his subsequent wins.

Round 2’s crossword puzzle proved lucrative for Nece Henderson, who skillfully completed “SPAGHETTI, TOMATO, SOY, HOT,” accumulating $12,100. Round 3 saw David Sorensen win a cruise while solving “GETTING MY SECOND WIND,” an apt description of his comeback in the game. The Triple Toss Ups were split among the contestants, but the highlight was David Sorensen’s correct answer of “SALAD SPINNER,” which set the stage for his final win during the speed-up round.

Puzzle Solutions Table

Here is a summary of the night’s puzzles and their solutions:

Category Puzzle Solution
$2,000 Toss Up TREASURE HUNT
Round 2 (Crossword) SPAGHETTI, TOMATO, SOY, HOT
Round 3 (Prize Puzzle) GETTING MY SECOND WIND
Triple Toss Up 1 STEAK KNIFE
Triple Toss Up 2 MEAT CLEAVER
Triple Toss Up 3 SALAD SPINNER
Bonus Puzzle (Place) BANK BRANCH

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