Bonus Puzzle, Fan Friday & Answers for Wheel of Fortune Friday, April 12 2024

In the latest episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” aired on April 12, 2024, viewers witnessed another engaging night of puzzle-solving as three contestants—Jason Cohen, Jenn Neanyni, and Devyn Gillette—competed for the top spot. Jason Cohen from Cherry Hill, NJ, emerged as the winner of the night, adding an interesting layer to his profile as a dedicated hockey fan. The competition was filled with a series of twists and strategic plays, showcasing a dynamic and entertaining viewing experience.

The Bonus Round & Fan Friday

The episode concluded with the suspenseful bonus round, where Jason, having chosen the category “What Are You Doing?“, faced the challenging puzzle “FIXING MY ROOF.” Despite the help of the letters RSTLNE and his selections, GCHO, he could not complete the puzzle.

The Fan Friday word was “CHEF“, and the prize tonight was a Curtis Stone Cookware Set.

Game Overview

The episode featured a range of puzzles, from the initial toss-ups to the high-stakes bonus round.

The night began with Jenn Neanyni quickly solving the $1,000 Toss Up with the phrase “OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK,” setting an enthusiastic tone. However, it was Jason who dominated the following rounds, particularly during the first round with “CATCHING THE BRIDE’S BOUQUET,” where he amassed a substantial $23,750 in cash and prizes. This round was a clear demonstration of his puzzle-solving prowess, which carried him through the evening.

Devyn Gillette, a scientist and professor, showed her strengths in the Mystery/Crossword round with the puzzle “OXYGEN, SHARKS, GAS, FISH,” where her methodical approach paid off, earning her $3,750. The prize puzzle round featured “MONOGRAMMED BATHROBE,” which was correctly solved by Devyn, who won a trip to Windjammer Landing, enhancing her total earnings for the night. The triple toss-ups were a Jenn Neanyni sweep, with her quick responses to “FOOD TRUCK,” “DELIVERY TRUCK,” and “TOY TRUCK.”

Puzzle Solutions Table

Here is a summary of the night’s puzzles and their solutions:

Round Category Puzzle Solution
$1,000 Toss Up Phrase OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK
$2,000 Toss Up Around the House TV TRAY TABLES
Round 2 Mystery/Crossword OXYGEN, SHARKS, GAS, FISH
Round 3 (Prize) What Are You Wearing? MONOGRAMMED BATHROBE
Triple Toss Up 1 Thing FOOD TRUCK
Triple Toss Up 2 Thing DELIVERY TRUCK
Triple Toss Up 3 Thing TOY TRUCK
Bonus Round What Are You Doing? FIXING MY ROOF


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