Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 9 “Something About Her” Cast, Preview & Spoilers

NBC’s “Chicago Fire” returns with an all-new episode, “Something About Her,” airing at 9:00 PM on April 3, 2024. This latest installment promises a blend of suspense, emotion, and the unwavering bravery that fans have come to expect from the firefighters and paramedics of Firehouse 51. With a fire at a recording studio, a secret that could shake the foundations of the firehouse, and a struggle for boundaries, this episode is set to deliver both heat and heart.

A Fiery Investigation

Kelly Severide, Stella Kidd, and Van Meter spearhead an investigation into a fire that broke out at a local recording studio. This particular case takes on an intricate twist, challenging the team to sift through clues and evidence to uncover what sparked the blaze. The recording studio’s unique environment, filled with potential hazards and valuable equipment, adds layers of complexity to their investigation. This storyline not only showcases the team’s expert firefighting and investigative skills but also highlights their dedication to uncovering the truth behind the flames.

Meanwhile, the episode takes a personal turn with Kylie Estevez stepping up to help James keep a secret from Chief Wallace Boden. This subplot weaves a narrative of loyalty, trust, and the potential consequences of secrets within the close-knit community of Firehouse 51. It’s a testament to the familial bonds formed within the firehouse, where personal and professional lives often intersect and impact one another deeply.

Cast and Characters

“Chicago Fire” boasts a diverse and talented cast, bringing to life the stories of courage, camaraderie, and compassion that define the series. Taylor Kinney stars as the fearless and dedicated Kelly Severide, a character whose leadership and bravery have made him a cornerstone of the firehouse. Eamonn Walker brings gravitas to the role of Chief Wallace Boden, the moral center and guiding force for his team.

David Eigenberg, Joe Minoso, and Christian Stolte return as Christopher Herrmann, Joe Cruz, and Randy “Mouch” McHolland, respectively, each adding their unique flavor to the ensemble. Miranda Rae Mayo shines as Stella Kidd, whose strength and intelligence make her a formidable firefighter and investigator. The cast is rounded out by Kara Killmer, Alberto Rosende, Hanako Greensmith, and Jake Lockett, among others, who contribute to the dynamic and engaging storytelling that fans have come to love.

Cast List

  • Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide
  • Eamonn Walker as Chief Wallace Boden
  • David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann
  • Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz
  • Christian Stolte as Randy “Mouch” McHolland
  • Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett
  • Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd
  • Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo
  • Hanako Greensmith as Actor
  • Jake Lockett as Sam Carver
  • Randy Flagler as Capp
  • Anthony Ferraris as Tony
  • Jocelyn Hudon as Lizzy Nova
  • Katelynn Shennett as Kylie Estevez
  • Tim Hopper as Van Meter
  • Stephen Ruffin as James
  • Karina Logue as Kathy
  • John Lacy as Billy
  • Al-Jaleel Knox as Antoine Kennedy
  • Dana Anderson as Officer DeSantos
  • John Fiorentino as Officer Jackson
  • Amy Morton as Trudy
  • Jeremias Darville as Theo
  • Seth Boyer as Dale
  • Lori McClain as Jane Sullivan
  • Damian Fuller as Cop

As “Something About Her” unfolds, viewers can expect an episode rich in action, mystery, and the emotional depth that is a hallmark of “Chicago Fire.” With its compelling storylines and engaging characters, this episode is poised to be another memorable chapter in the series.

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