So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 9 “The Broker” Cast, Preview & Spoilers

CBS’s “So Help Me Todd” blends legal precision with chaotic ingenuity in the upcoming episode titled “The Broker,” airing on May 9, 2024, at 9:01 PM. The episode follows meticulous attorney Margaret Wright as she tries to manage her unconventional son, Todd, who brings his own scrappy methods to their legal investigations.

A Formidable Team with Different Approaches

Margaret Wright, played by Marcia Gay Harden, is a by-the-book attorney who thrives on structure and adherence to the law. Her son, Todd (Skylar Astin), however, approaches his role as in-house investigator with a flair for unconventional tactics that often lead to friction between the two. This dynamic sets the stage for both comedic and tense interactions as Margaret tries to keep Todd’s antics in check while leveraging his unique investigative skills.

Their contrasting styles provide plenty of opportunities for humor and drama, as they often clash over methods yet manage to complement each other’s strengths. The episode showcases how their differences can lead to friction, but also reveals how they navigate their conflicting approaches to solve cases effectively.

Navigating the Legal World

In “The Broker,” Margaret and Todd find themselves working together on a case that tests their ability to balance legal protocols with Todd’s unorthodox methods. The episode delves into how they navigate the complexities of the legal world while managing the personal dynamics of their mother-son relationship. Their teamwork highlights the challenges and rewards of combining two very different styles to achieve a common goal.

Their interactions with other characters, including the law firm staff, provide additional layers to the story. The episode captures the internal dynamics of the firm and the varying responses to Todd’s less-than-conventional methods.

Cast Spotlight

  • Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret Wright
  • Skylar Astin as Todd
  • Madeline Wise as Allison
  • Tristen Winger as Lyle
  • Inga Schlingmann as Susan
  • Rosa Arredondo as Francey

“The Broker” promises to be an engaging episode of “So Help Me Todd,” filled with laughs, drama, and legal intrigue. As Margaret and Todd tackle their latest case, viewers can expect a delightful blend of legal drama and family comedy that highlights the unique bond between mother and son.

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