Bonus Puzzle & Answers for Wheel of Fortune Tuesday, May 7 2024

In the episode of Wheel of Fortune aired on May 7, 2024, contestants Taylor Garcia and Linda Weaver, along with others, vied for cash and prizes through a series of puzzles and toss ups. David and Dave Stango, as well as Da’Miah Steele and Angelia Carr, competed in this engaging round of the game show. As the puzzles progressed, the competition revealed both challenging and playful elements typical of the Wheel of Fortune setup.

The Bonus Round

Taylor Garcia and Linda Weaver emerged as the winner with an impressive total of $18,449 in cash and prizes, including an Alaskan train ride.

The bonus round featured the puzzle “DICED AVOCADO” under the category Food & Drink. Despite the efforts, the bonus round was not won.

Throughout the episode, various puzzles were solved, including phrases like “FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS” and “GATHERING IN THE LIVING ROOM”. The triple toss up provided a twist with all items being types of balls—exercise, tennis, and mothballs—adding a lighter, thematic element to the game. Notably, the $4,800 win by Taylor Garcia on the puzzle “GIANT TORTOISE” marked a significant moment, leading to their overall victory.

Puzzle Solutions Table

Here is a summary of the night’s puzzles and their solutions:

Puzzle Category Solution
$1,000 Toss Up (Rhyme Time) A BLAST FROM THE PAST
$2,000 Toss Up (Landmark) LINCOLN CENTER
Round 1 (What Are You Doing?) GATHERING IN THE LIVING ROOM
Round 2 (Crossword – Goal what?) KEEPER, SETTING, POST, LINE
Triple Toss Up 1 (Things) EXERCISE BALLS
Triple Toss Up 2 (Things) TENNIS BALLS
Triple Toss Up 3 (Things) MOTHBALLS
Round 4 (Living Thing) GIANT TORTOISE
Bonus Round (Food & Drink) DICED AVOCADO

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