Bonus Puzzle, Fan Friday & Answers for Wheel of Fortune Friday, May 24 2024

In the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune on Friday, May 24, 2024, the competition was spirited among the three contestants: Michael Bystrzycki, Sarah McCabe, and Lillian Devane. Michael, hailing from Drummonds, TN, is a master electrician with a penchant for mani-pedis and emerged as the evening’s winner. Sarah, from Mankato, MN, is a former English teacher who now raises pigs and makes charitable contributions by donating onesies. Lillian, originally from Wildwood, NJ, and currently residing in Atlantic City, prides herself on being a word enthusiast.

Throughout the game, each contestant had their moments of success and challenge. Michael demonstrated strong puzzle-solving skills that eventually led him to victory, while Lillian and Sarah offered commendable competition, contributing to a dynamic and engaging episode. Notably, Michael’s proficiency shone through in the bonus round, securing a significant win.

The Bonus Round

The highlight of the night was the bonus round, where Michael faced the challenge of solving the puzzle “JOCKEY FOR POSITION” under the category Phrase. With the standard letters RSTLNE revealing only a part of the puzzle, his strategic choice of CD, M, and O provided the additional clues needed to decipher the phrase successfully. His victory in the bonus round not only earned him a substantial cash prize but also an INFINITI car, enhancing his total winnings to an impressive $111,160 in cash and prizes.

Fan Friday

This win was not only significant for Michael but also for a lucky home viewer who participated in the “Fan Friday Word of the Day” segment, where the word was “SUSHI” and the prize was a Cultural Treasures of Japan Tour. The success in the bonus round capped off a night filled with strategic gameplay and exciting reveals.

Puzzle Solutions Table

Here is a summary of the night’s puzzles and their solutions:

Puzzle Type Solution
$1,000 Toss Up A HUGE MILESTONE (Event)
$2,000 Toss Up EIGHT DAYS A WEEK (Song Title)
Round 1 (Crossword) WORKS, DEPARTMENT, WOOD, PIT
Round 3 (Prize Puzzle) LET THE CELEBRATION BEGIN (Phrase)
Triple Toss Up 1 TAP WATER (Food & Drink)
Triple Toss Up 2 SPRING WATER (Food & Drink)
Triple Toss Up 3 CHAMPAGNE (Food & Drink)
Round 4 MY LUCKY NUMBER (Thing)
Bonus Round JOCKEY FOR POSITION (Phrase)

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