In 1978, a new cologne for men came out called this, what’s being played in the company’s iconic logo

On Wednesday 19 June 2024, the category titled “Brands” presented contestants with a particularly evocative challenge in the Final Jeopardy Clue.

The clue provided was: “In 1978, a new cologne for men came out called this, what’s being played in the company’s iconic logo.”

What is Polo?

Ralph Lauren’s Polo cologne made its debut in 1978, capturing the essence of classic American style with its distinct fragrance. The name “Polo” is not merely a catchy moniker but an integral part of Ralph Lauren’s brand identity, deeply connected to the sport of polo. This sport, synonymous with luxury and elite sophistication, is depicted in the company’s iconic logo, which features a polo player in full swing. This imagery reinforces the brand’s association with a lifestyle of privilege and refined leisure.

Polo cologne’s introduction in the late 70s marked a significant moment in the fragrance industry. It set a precedent for future colognes by blending traditional masculine appeal with a fresh, invigorating scent that appealed to a broad audience. The fragrance has endured as a signature scent for many, thanks to its bold, aromatic composition that evokes open green spaces and the spirit of the sport itself.

Ralph Lauren’s strategic use of the polo player logo is a masterclass in brand symbolism. By associating the product with the sport of polo, Ralph Lauren communicates values of prestige, adventure, and timeless elegance—all characteristics that resonate deeply with its target market. This clever branding helps to elevate the product beyond a mere cologne to a symbol of a desirable lifestyle, making it an aspirational purchase for consumers aiming to embody the very essence of Ralph Lauren’s aesthetic.

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