Will Trent Season 2 Episode 9 “Residente o Visitante” Cast, Preview & Spoilers

ABC’s crime drama “Will Trent” returns with another compelling episode titled “Residente o Visitante,” airing on May 14, 2024, at 8:00 PM. The episode follows Will Trent as he embarks on a personal journey to connect with his late mother, only to be thrust into a new investigation upon his return. Meanwhile, his colleagues grapple with a mysterious death.

Will Trent’s Journey to Puerto Rico

In “Residente o Visitante,” Will Trent, portrayed by Ramón Rodríguez, heads to Puerto Rico with Antonio to deepen his connection with his late mother. This personal journey allows him to learn more about his family’s history and uncover aspects of his past that have remained elusive. The trip provides a poignant backdrop for Will, offering insight into his character and the motivations that drive him.

His return to the U.S. quickly brings him back into the fold of investigation, with a new case that hits close to home. He is drawn into the investigation involving an old friend of his uncle, showcasing the personal stakes often involved in his work.

A Mysterious Death

While Will grapples with his family ties and the new case, Faith Mitchell (Iantha Richardson) and Michael Ormewood (Jake McLaughlin) are tasked with investigating the death of a sex offender. The circumstances surrounding the case are shrouded in mystery, requiring the detectives to navigate the complexities of a sensitive investigation. Their partnership highlights the importance of collaboration and trust in solving difficult cases.

The investigation reveals layers of deceit and the challenges of uncovering the truth in cases where victims and perpetrators blur ethical lines.

Cast Spotlight

  • Erika Christensen as Angie Polaski
  • Jake McLaughlin as Michael Ormewood
  • Ramón Rodríguez as Will Trent
  • Iantha Richardson as Faith Mitchell
  • Christina Wren as Caroline
  • Isaiah Stratton as Officer O’Hara

“Residente o Visitante” promises to be a compelling episode of “Will Trent,” blending personal drama with high-stakes investigations. As Will navigates his family history and his colleagues tackle a mysterious death, viewers can expect a mix of emotional depth and suspenseful storytelling.

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