Krapopolis Season 1 Episode 22 “The Tyrannis Crown Affair” Cast, Preview & Spoilers

FOX’s animated series “Krapopolis” returns with another mythical adventure in “The Tyrannis Crown Affair,” airing on May 12, 2024, at 8:30 PM. In this episode, Tyrannis tasks Stupendous with finding a thief, while Deliria and Hippocampus team up to face off against Hermes in a creature-creating competition.

The Hunt for a Thief

When Tyrannis, voiced by Richard Ayoade, discovers that a thief has been pilfering the kingdom, he assigns the task of capturing the culprit to Stupendous (Pam Murphy). Stupendous takes on the mission with enthusiasm, using her unique skills to uncover the identity of the criminal. Her investigation leads her through the wild world of Krapopolis, encountering eccentric characters and navigating unpredictable situations in her quest for justice.

This storyline showcases Stupendous’s resourcefulness and determination, highlighting her character’s distinct blend of humor and grit. The hunt for the thief adds a layer of mystery to the episode, keeping viewers intrigued as they follow the clues alongside Stupendous.

The Creature Tournament

Meanwhile, Deliria (Hannah Waddingham) and Hippocampus (Duncan Trussell) form an unlikely alliance to beat Hermes in the All Valley Create a Creature Tournament. The competition brings out their competitive spirits, pushing them to create the most imaginative creature possible. Their partnership, despite its unusual origins, proves to be effective as they work together to outdo their rival.

The creature tournament showcases the creativity and whimsy that define “Krapopolis,” offering a blend of humor and fantasy as the characters strive to win the coveted title. The tournament reveals the quirks and ambitions of Deliria and Hippocampus, emphasizing their ability to rise to the occasion despite their differences.

Cast Spotlight

  • Hannah Waddingham as Deliria
  • Richard Ayoade as Tyrannis
  • Matt Berry as Shlub
  • Pam Murphy as Stupendous
  • Duncan Trussell as Hippocampus

“The Tyrannis Crown Affair” promises to be a lively episode of “Krapopolis,” filled with mystery, competition, and mythical mischief. As Stupendous hunts for the thief and Deliria and Hippocampus compete in the creature tournament, viewers can expect a blend of adventure, humor, and fantastical fun.

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